September 7, 2018 Press Releases

Faso Dodges Another Debate

After sending a letter to Antonio Delgado’s home to challenge him to debates “in the interest of informing the voters” of this community, Republican incumbent and absentee Congressman John Faso has now refused to accept three separate invitations to debate his Democratic challenger.

Faso has refused to accept debate invitations from two of the largest media outlets in our district, and now he won’t agree to a forum with Delgado, hosted by the Dutchess Chamber of Commerce.

Spectrum News, a nonpartisan media organization that hosted a congressional debate in Woodstock in 2016, invited Delgado to a debate in late October for candidates on the ballot polling at or above 5 percent in a nonpartisan, independent poll.

Public broadcasting station WMHT offered to host a live televised debate between John Faso and Antonio Delgado. The debate would reach most of the 19th District and would be WMHT’s sixth straight time presenting the event. Antonio Delgado accepted the offer to debate. More than two months after being invited, John Faso still refuses to accept their offer.

Delgado has already agreed to participate in debates with all candidates on the ballot, to be hosted by the Ulster Chamber of Commerce and WAMC.

“There are now three separate examples of Faso refusing to directly engage with us on the issues. Faso will only debate on his own terms, just like he will only hold town halls on his own terms. He forgets that the job is not about him, it’s about the people,” said Delgado. “This is yet another cynical dodge from an absentee congressman who has repeatedly refused to address the issues that are critical to the people in our district. It’s abundantly clear why he is avoiding talking about these issues, because he’s taken more than $800,000 from corporate donors and voted to gut healthcare protections for people here with pre-existing conditions, to defund Planned Parenthood after promising not to and to increase out-of-pocket medical costs.”

We, along with many people in our district, eagerly await the opportunity to debate John Faso on the issues in a one-on-one format.