September 24, 2018 Press Releases

John Faso keeps misleading on healthcare

Three times in the last week alone, John Faso has misled his constituents about his vote on healthcare. Faso voted to gut guaranteed protections for people with pre-existing conditions and increase out of pocket costs and premiums.

Just last week, John Faso said that he would “absolutely” vote to do it again.

John Faso has no problem with voting to nullify the rules protecting people with pre-existing conditions, making health insurance unaffordable and inaccessible for millions of people with cancer, asthma, diabetes and other illnesses. He’s fine with allowing insurers to charge people significantly more for pre-existing conditions and possibly requiring people to pay thousands of dollars extra every year to remain insured.

Antonio Delgado is focused on making sure John Faso never has the opportunity to vote to take away our healthcare and he understands that health insurance must be both accessible and affordable.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, at a local forum with the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce, and in a Fios1 television interview, John Faso has continued his deceitful campaign. Luckily voters here know better.