September 28, 2018 Press Releases

Faso Continues to Campaign on Lies and Deceit

John Faso can’t run on his record in Congress, so he and his allies continue to campaign on lies. The latest Republican Super PAC ad peddles yet another lie, this time trying to mislead voters on Antonio Delgado’s position on healthcare. Faso has lied to Andrea Mitchell, lied about his healthcare votes, lied about Antonio’s background and now he’s lying again about Antonio’s healthcare position.


As Delgado has been running to bring real representation back to NY-19, his mission to bring access to universal quality, affordable healthcare has been clear. He supports getting to universal coverage as fast as possible by creating a public option which gives everyone the choice to opt into Medicare. Local and national reporting has repeatedly stated this and it has been written time and time again. Yet the latest Republican Super PAC ad makes a completely false claim that Delgado supports a “radical government-run takeover of healthcare.”


“Every aspect of John Faso’s campaign has relied on falsehoods and dishonesty,” said Delgado for Congress campaign manager Allyson Marcus. “First they tried hateful and divisive attacks — that didn’t work, so now they’re now attempting to misrepresent Antonio’s position on creating access to universal quality, affordable healthcare. What they don’t want to discuss are the real issues. Faso voted in favor of gutting protections for people with pre-existing conditions and increasing the cost of premiums and deductibles. Faso shows disrespect to his constituents by continuing to lie about a life or death issue.”

Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel even responded to the ad: “Hardly the lede here, but this is YET ANOTHER ad where a Dem who does not support the Medicare for All bill is accused of supporting it. I interviewed every #NY19 Dem candidate — Delgado stood out by not going for single-payer. Delgado’s position is that Medicare should be expanded now, and maybe you get to single-payer some day, but he would not support the Sanders bill.”

Check the numerous sources: 
  • An April 19th Daily Freeman article clearly states Delgado’s support for allowing people the option to buy into Medicare “is separate from Medicarefor All.
  • Brian Flynn, who ran against Mr. Delgado in the Democratic primary, released a TV advertisement in June 2018 which pointedly highlighted the fact that Mr. Delgado does not support Medicare for All, citing the same Daily Freeman article.
  • An NPR “This American Life” segment which features audio of Delgado explicitly answering “No” when asked at a public forum if he supported Medicare for All. Delgado is heard later in the recording explaining his opposition to Medicare for All, and apologizing if any voter mistakenly believed he supported the policy.
  • An opinion piece on RealClearPolitics which inaccurately characterized Mr. Delgado and other Democratic congressional candidates as supporting a “government-run” health care plan was later corrected to reflect that the author had wrongly “conflated Democrats’ health care plans regarding single-payer and universal coverage.
  • And so many more local outlets which make clear Delgado’s position on healthcare: