October 16, 2018 Press Releases

Faso Rewarded for Putting Corporate Donors Before Constituents

House Republican leader Paul Ryan is heading to upstate New York to thank John Faso for voting for the interests of corporate donors and special interests. Ryan has been able to count on Faso to put party before people by casting the deciding vote to gut protections for pre-existing conditions, raise premiums and co-pays on almost everyone, take healthcare away from 23 million people, and defund Planned Parenthood. Now Faso is being rewarded with a campaign visit from Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan to say thanks for his unwavering party support.

Ryan’s Super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, has spent millions on divisive, hateful ads that have been denounced by 18 members of the local clergy and called “grossly misleading” by the Washington Post and New York Times. With just three weeks until Election Day, Faso is showing where his allegiance lies.

“Apparently John Faso only shows up in public when he can bring along his party’s leader, Paul Ryan,” said Delgado for Congress Campaign Manager Allyson Marcus. “Welcome to NY-19, Mr. Speaker, where voters want to engage on real issues rather than divisive rhetoric and will be interested to know why you voted to take away healthcare, give the wealthiest people and corporations a tax break, and are talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare to pay for the trillion dollar hole you blew in the deficit. Ryan has been able to count on Faso’s vote – even when it means breaking a promise to his constituents – and now Faso is counting on Ryan to prop up his re-election campaign. Best of luck.”

Our campaign will continue showing up to public events to hear from constituents of all political affiliations and backgrounds, we’ll keep engaging on the issues and focus on lowering health care costs and cutting taxes for working and middle class families.