October 19, 2018 Press Releases

Delgado Comes Out Strong and Faso Lies at First Debate

Antonio Delgado came out strong against John Faso on the issues during the first one-on-one debate televised on WMHT. While Faso clung to lies and aimed to keep misleading voters, Delgado stuck to the issues and made it clear that he is here to represent the people of NY-19.

“Without being able to hide behind corporate donors or party leadership, John Faso had to answer questions about his record and his broken promises to constituents,” said Delgado for Congress Campaign Manager Allyson Marcus. “Antonio didn’t hold back, calling out Faso’s lies about his vote to take away healthcare, gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions and defund Planned Parenthood. Antonio reminded people about Faso’s flip-flopping votes on Republican tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest among us at the expense of our future. Faso has a complete lack of accountability to his constituents. The choice for voters is clear – someone backed by special interests and corporate donors who, as Paul Ryan said, makes the majority work or someone here to represent the people?”