October 19, 2018 Press Releases

Delgado Launches Veterans Advisory Council

Yesterday, Antonio Delgado met with a group of local veterans and formally launched his Veterans Advisory Council. The group represents male and female veterans from all across the district who have served in every conflict from Korea through the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

More than 40,000 veterans live in NY-19 and the council will serve to inform and advise Delgado on issues that impact veterans here in the district and at the federal level. Delgado is committed to honoring the solemn promise we make to all those willing to risk their lives in service to our nation. He will push back against dangerous efforts to privatize the Department of Veterans Affairs, making sure that all veterans, male and female, receive access to the absolute highest quality healthcare services.

The group discussed the ongoing efforts by the current administration to privatize both healthcare services and education opportunities, a lack of access to specialized services for veterans in rural areas, ways to prioritize programs to help veterans returning home who need good jobs, and the need to pass legislation specifically addressing issues impacting female veterans, including rising homelessness and suicide rates.

Pat Ryan, runner-up in the NY-19 Democratic primary and Iraq War combat veteran, organized the group and led the council meeting.

“Faso broke his promise to take care of me and my fellow veterans, just like he broke his promise to protect our healthcare,” said Ryan. “As usual, he is all talk and no action. His failure to stand up for us as the current Administration continues to push for privatization and cut critical veterans programs is pathetic. It’s time for a change. I know Antonio, and I trust that he’ll have our backs and make sure no veterans get left behind.”

“We cannot send people off to war and turn our backs on them here at home. The men and women who serve our country, along with their families, have made immense sacrifices for our safety and national security,” said Delgado. “Our elected officials need to stand up for their interests, fight harmful privatization, work to improve access to quality healthcare, invest in jobs training programs and address rising suicide rates among veterans. I appreciate the commitment made by members of our Veterans Advisory Council and look forward to working closely with them.”