October 24, 2018 Press Releases

Delgado Condemns Acts of Terror Against Public Servants

In response to today’s horrible acts of violence committed against public leaders and members of the press, Antonio Delgado has released the following statement condemning these acts of terror:

“I am deeply saddened and alarmed by today’s reports of attempted acts of terror targeting public servants, leaders and journalists in my home state of New York and across the country. This is a divisive time in our political discourse, but we must remember that, whatever our differences, the overwhelming majority of Americans reject this sort of violence and hate,” said Antonio Delgado. “Any threats to our public servants and our press should be condemned and fought outright – these acts have no place here.”

“I am grateful for the Secret Service and first responders who are maintaining calm in the face of confusion and these awful threats of violence, but we must ensure that these attacks are not tolerated or empowered going forward. Our words, and particularly the words of our elected leaders, matter. We must maintain civility, kindness and empathy in our political discourse instead of division and hate. I am firm in my support for our public servants and for the freedom of the press. Perpetrators of these acts hope to further erode our democracy, but we are stronger as individuals and as a nation than that. Violence is not and cannot be who we are.”