April 23, 2019 In The News

Spectrum News: Delgado Plan Would Help Hold Companies Accountable for Contamination

The water contamination crisis was the focus of a town hall put on Monday night by Rep. Antonio Delgado.

The Democratic congressman centered on the environmental challenges in the Hoosick Falls area.

In recent years, the village has dealt with its fair share of environmental issues. It was discovered that St. Gobain and Honeywell released PFOA and PFOS, contaminating the drinking water in Hoosick Falls, and leading to concerns of increased cancer risk.

Residents looked to Delgado (NY-19) for a solution.

Delgado said it’s up to the companies to be accountable and clean up the chemicals in a quick and timely manner. He added that he is working on legislation that would list PFOS as a hazardous chemical.

“By putting PFOS on the hazardous substance list, you still can hold private actors accountable, but it also enables the EPA to go in there and put its resources into position,” Delgago said.

Delgado took office in January and this is his 12th town hall.