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I understand that access to healthcare means nothing if no one can actually afford to pay for it, and that our small businesses have struggled to meet the health insurance needs of their employees.  I will fight for a healthcare system that addresses rising premiums and deductibles, protects people with pre-existing conditions, and provides real coverage to everyone. I support the goal of getting the profit motive out of our health care system. My goal is to get us to universal coverage as fast as possible, and the best way to do that is by creating a public option, giving everyone the choice to opt into Medicare. I will also work to eliminate regulations that protect the pharmaceutical companies at the expense of the health of everyday Americans, and will work to give Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices.

Congressman John Faso has spent his time in Washington D.C. working to take health insurance away from millions of Americans for no reason other than to create a huge tax giveaway to the wealthiest one percent.  Faso’s plan hurts people with pre-existing conditions. He will tell you pre-existing conditions are still covered, but his plan lets insurance companies force people with pre-existing conditions into totally unaffordable plans called high-risk pools, and the truth is that no plan is truly “accessible” if it’s not affordable.  Furthermore, Faso’s plan cruelly strips Medicaid away from thousands of the most vulnerable families, and slashes funding for women’s health organizations like Planned Parenthood, despite his promises that he would not do so.

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