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Our region of upstate New York presents countless opportunities for investment in infrastructure.  I’m committed to helping our communities obtain federal funding to finance local construction projects that will create both short-term and long-term jobs, and improve the lives of those who live here. The President has talked tough about pushing for a bipartisan infrastructure bill, but has indicated that he intends to offer tax breaks for privatized projects rather than funding public works.  I oppose such a giveaway to corporations, which favors corporate profits over community needs, and incentivizes companies to build as little as possible rather than undertaking the robust development that we need here in our region.  We need to bid those contracts out in a fair process that lets small businesses actually compete and results in lasting improvements to our shared facilities and services.

I will continue to seek funding for local projects that address the most immediate needs and that serve the greatest public good, including our outdated waste water infrastructure, repairs to the Taconic Parkway, development of our public waterfronts to further economic development, and wider access to broadband internet and quality cell service in the rural areas of our district.

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