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There’s more common ground to be found on the issues than people think — after all, we all want our community to have good-paying jobs, strong public schools, and affordable health care. My thoughts below are just the start of a longer conversation. I’m always looking for your input, click here to take our issues survey to let me know where you stand.


Protecting the jobs of the hundreds of thousands of teachers, healthcare workers, service workers, farmers, and factory workers in the district, requires investing in those industries and communities, and protecting the resources upon which they rely.


I understand that access to healthcare means nothing if no one can actually afford to pay for it, and that our small businesses have struggled to meet the health insurance needs of their employees. We need to achieve universal coverage as fast as possible. That's why I introduced Medicare X, a bill that creates a public option, giving everyone the choice to opt into Medicare.


Working people pay enough taxes. America’s tax policies should put working families and the middle class first, not the super-rich and large corporations. I vehemently oppose the recent Republican tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest among us, and any other policy that funnels tax dollars from the middle class to billionaires and contributes to an already exploding federal debt.


I understand that a high-quality public education is the key to creating opportunities that will allow our children to realize the American dream. We need to invest in public education to make sure that all of our children get the education they deserve.


Upstate New York is known for its natural beauty, and we rely on the natural resources of these regions for both personal use and industry. I want to ensure that our environmental policies and regulations protect our land and waterways for the boaters, hunters, fishers, hikers, and sightseers who enjoy our river, our mountains, and our forests year-round – as well as the merchants who rely on servicing these pastimes for their livelihoods.


Our region of upstate New York presents countless opportunities for investment in infrastructure. I will seek funding for projects that address the most immediate needs and that serve the greatest public good, including repairs for the Taconic Parkway, development of our public waterfront, investment in high speed rail for Metro North, and wider access to broadband internet in the rural areas of our district.


The men and women who serve our country, along with their families, have made immense sacrifices for our safety and national security. It's not enough to ensure that our service members are well trained and equipped while they are actively serving. Our commitment to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard members who support and defend the United States around the world every day must extend to taking care of them once they return home.


I support women’s rights to make their own health care decisions. I will continue fighting to defend women’s rights from an assault by the President and elected officials who ignore women’s right to reproductive care. I also strongly support opposing any use of taxpayer money for settlements in sexual harassment suits.


Every member of our community, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves the right to live with dignity and free from discrimination. These basic rights are at the core of our American values. I stand as a strong ally to our LGBTQ+ communities and I will fight to ensure equal rights are both protected and promoted.


The farmers in our district have been forced to endure the detrimental impacts of bad trade policies and an unfair Farm Bill. Our district is home to more than 5,000 farms and over 8,000 farm operators. Almost 20% of the land that makes up New York’s 19th is dedicated to farmland. We need to work together to protect our small and medium sized farms and the farming industry.


I believe that we are a nation of immigrants, and that our region can benefit from a sensible and compassionate immigration policy. I will fight for immigration policies that reflect the character and decency of the people of upstate New York - this means passing a clean Dream Act and achieving bipartisan legislation that fixes our broken immigration system.


The impact of the opioid epidemic on our communities has been devastating. Opioid dependency does not discriminate, and I have heard countless stories of painful addiction and heartbreaking loss from people of all backgrounds, income levels, race, and age.


As a lawyer who has donated countless hours of pro-bono services to people and communities of need, I recognize criminal justice reform as one of the most pressing issues of our time. It is time that we face this crisis head on, with empathy, not animus; with ideas, not impulse; and with courage, not politics.


I am deeply concerned that our democracy has been under assault in recent years. A small minority of the super-rich and powerful have sought to control our elections using dark money, massive redistricting efforts, and campaigns to repress voter rights. I will work to eliminate corruption and cronyism in Washington D.C.


In 2016, according to the unanimous, nonpartisan opinion of all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies, the government of Russia stole private information from American citizens, ensured that information was published, and spread targeted fake news stories on American social media. The goal of these new and disturbing tactics was to undermine the credibility of our election and ensure that President Trump was elected.


We can't afford to keep ignoring the facts. Every day, at least four American children are shot and killed and 19 are hospitalized for gunshot wounds. Overall, 35,000 Americans are killed by guns every year. If any disease were this deadly, it would be considered a public health crisis. We need to start treating gun violence like one.

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