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Working for Progress

It feels like our country is moving backward. Hardworking families across Central New York, the Hudson Valley and Catskills are being left behind as Washington Republicans vote to take away healthcare and give tax breaks to the super rich on the backs of working people.

We need to fight for universal affordable health care, a tax code that works for working people and the middle class, and to restore opportunity for everyone in this region. My story is one of upward mobility, but for too many families now days, the American Dream is out of reach. We owe it to ourselves, to our community, and to our country to restore the American Dream.

On the Issues

There's more common ground to be found on the issues than people think — after all, we all want our community to have good-paying jobs, strong public schools, and affordable healthcare.


Rebuilding our region means creating jobs. I understand the importance of sustainable, good-paying jobs.


I will fight for a healthcare system that addresses rising premiums and deductibles, protects people with pre-existing conditions, and provides real coverage to everyone.


America’s tax policies should put working families and the middle class first, not the super-rich and large corporations.

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