September 25, 2018 Press Releases

Experts say Faso’s bill weakens protections for patients

After already voting once to strip away vital healthcare from New Yorkers, John Faso is co-sponsoring a bill that claims it would protect healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions but instead experts say it would allow insurers to potentially charge “a million a month.”

A report by McClatchy found that the Pre-existing Conditions Act would “charge individuals or employers whatever they want to cover pre-existing conditions.”

Faso and his co-sponsors claim that their legislation would protect vulnerable patients in the event that the protections in the Affordable Care Act are struck down. However, health care experts have found that it would only serve to weaken protections for patients. 

One health care expert calls this bill “nothing but window dressing that attempts to make the public believe that he’s protecting their right to pre-existing conditions.”

“It’s clear that Faso would rather align with his big corporate backers than expand healthcare access for his constituents,” said spokesperson Melissa Toufanian. “He continues to lie to his own constituents about protecting their access to quality, affordable healthcare.”