October 3, 2018 Press Releases

More Lies from Faso on Healthcare

John Faso promised constituents he wouldn’t take away their healthcare – then voted repeatedly to gut protections for pre-existing conditions.

Now with 34 days before an election that has turned into a referendum on his multiple votes to take away his constituents’ health care, John Faso has a final insult for voters. This week he co-sponsored a non-binding resolution, making more false promises that healthcare will be protected for people with pre-existing conditions while doing nothing to keep that promise. The resolution “is not legislation” and “does not spell out the details of how pre-existing conditions would be protected.” [The HillWashington Examiner, 10/2/18]

He has also co-sponsored a bill that he hopes will give him political cover called the “Pre-Existing Conditions Protections Act” – and is even citing that bill in his campaign ads. But experts on health care policy say Faso’s resolution “does absolutely nothing” and his bill could “actually mean ballooning insurance bills for people with chronic illness.” [McClatchy, 9/21/18]

Health care experts from Washington and Lee University School of Law, Georgetown’s Health Policy Institute and a Kaiser Family Foundation vice president all say this deceptively named bill could allow insurers to charge individuals or employers whatever they want to cover pre-existing conditions — potentially putting the cost of premiums out of reach for individuals and small employers.

The truth is the bill and resolution are nothing more than last-ditch attempts to mislead constituents before Election Day. It’s truly astounding how little respect he has for voters’ intelligence.

What a sham.