October 19, 2018 Press Releases

What will Faso Lie About Today?

John Faso can’t defend his vote on healthcare or explain why he voted to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, increase out of pocket healthcare costs, or defund Planned Parenthood. So, he just lies.

Top Five Lies To Watch for in Our First Debate

1.) Faso’s vote on healthcare would have protected people with pre-existing conditions

The truth is that the bill Faso cast the deciding vote for in committee AND voted for final passage says that insurance companies can charge you whatever they want for a premium. So, if you have diabetes or high blood pressure or a brain tumor your premium can go from an unaffordable $1,000 a month to a truly outrageous $5,000 a month.  He bases his claim on the fact that insurance companies have to sell you a policy, but that policy is worth nothing if the cost is out of control.  Faso knows this and he continues to lie.

2.) Claims to be bipartisan and independent

Faso often brings up some ranking and tries to brandish it as bipartisan credentials. The truth is he votes with the current Administration 90% of the time. Speaker Paul Ryan even flew in to Albany and said Faso “makes our majority work.” How could Ryan be describing an independent leader if Faso is also the reason a Republican majority works?

3.) Makes false accusation Delgado supports some “radical government-run takeover of healthcare”

This is laughable. Delgado has repeatedly stated that he does not support Medicare For All. His position is clear. He was attacked in his primary by his opponents for his stance.  Go ask Gareth Rhodes or Brian Flynn.  Newspapers that have been covering this race for over a year have tried to correct the record but Faso just keeps lying about it.  Delgado supports lowering health care costs for everyone by creating a public option that gives people the choice to opt in to Medicare. Adding a public option creates competition with the private insurance market and will help drive down premiums and deductibles. Delgado also supports driving down the costs of prescription drugs by giving Medicare the power to negotiate with big pharmaceutical companies. Bet you’ve never heard Faso mention that….

Takings hundreds of thousands of dollars from insurance and drug companies, like Faso has done, makes you beholden to them. He votes for their interests over his own constituents.

4.) Says the age tax, as defined by AARP, isn’t real.

The truth: Faso voted in favor of allowing insurance companies to charge seniors more right here in New York back in 1992 in the NYS Assembly and he voted for it again at a federal level in 2017. He has consistently voted to make healthcare more expensive for people over 50.

5.) He’ll tell you Antonio is new in town and doesn’t understand upstate New York.

This is rich coming from Long Island native John Faso. Delgado grew up in Schenectady. His parents and brother still live there. He attended Colgate, in Hamilton, New York, and went to Harvard where he met his wife Lacey, who grew up just an hour away from him in Woodstock. He proposed to her at the Ship to Shore restaurant in Kingston and they got married at the Kaaterskill in Greene County. His Mother-in-Law has been a small business owner in Saugerties for 40 years and is president of the Saugerties Chamber of Commerce. Delgado’s twin boys just started kindergarten at their public school in Rhinebeck. He was even inducted into the Upstate New York Basketball Hall of Fame. Why exactly did Faso leave Long Island and move upstate? Oh yeah, to run for office.

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