November 2, 2018 Press Releases

Local Papers All Across NY-19 Endorse Delgado

Local papers throughout New York’s 19th congressional district have endorsed Antonio Delgado for Congress. Delgado has been endorsed by the Times Union, the Daily Star, Ulster Publishing, Cobleskill Times-Journal, the Columbia Paper, and the Daily Gazette. The reach of these publications spans across the district, from Otsego to Columbia County and Montgomery to Ulster counties. According to a recent poll from Monmouth University, most voters believe that Delgado shares more of their values than John Faso. Delgado, born and raised in upstate New York, is committed to serving the people with accountability and integrity.

Times Union 

“Mr. Delgado, who grew up in Schenectady, is an impressive candidate who talks about the kinds of ideas Congress ought to be working on: a public option on health coverage; replacing the 2017 tax cuts with a more modest bill focusing on the middle class and incentives for job growth; restoring regulations on banks to guard against the kinds of misbehavior that led to the 2008 recession, and strengthening gun control through measures like universal background checks.” – Times Union 

The Daily Star 
“We were impressed with Delgado’s commitment to the issues that affect working people — an economy that isn’t producing wage growth, an untenable situation for small farmers whose production costs outstrip their profits and that largest of issues today, health care.” –The Daily Star
Ulster Publishing
“He’s well-versed on the issues and displays passion for bringing help from Washington to those of us in the 19th who need it…Delgado’s our choice.” – Ulster Publishing / Kingston Times / Woodstock Times / Saugerties Times
Cobleskill Times-Journal
“Hardly a newcomer, Mr. Delgado was raised in Upstate, and his wife has roots and family here.  And he reversed the newcomer charge: ‘Faso’s been here 30-some years. What’s he done for working families?’  Good question. We applaud Mr. Delgado’s qualities.” – Cobleskill Times-Journal

The Columbia Paper

“Our democracy survives on slender threads and John Faso has weakened them more than he can imagine. His constituents needed moral leadership and he gave us blame, saying he was the victim when he was challenged about the ads. Now it’s time for voters to speak by choosing a new representative in Congress and supporting his efforts to repair the damage and move ahead. Please vote for Antonio Delgado November 6.” – The Columbia Paper 
The Daily Gazette

“Voters in the 19th Congressional District have an opportunity to elect one of their own, one who understands their struggles and who has demonstrated a commitment to helping them overcome them…We encourage voters to support Antonio Delgado for Congress on Tuesday.” – The Daily Gazette 

Delgado has also been endorsed by the New York Times.