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Rebuilding our region means creating jobs. I understand the importance of sustainable, good paying jobs. My parents worked for General Electric before most of those jobs disappeared. I will push for banks to lend to small businesses so they can expand and create the jobs we need. I will work to draw investments and businesses to the district, including those in growth industries like tech and clean energy so that we can match the trained workers to the businesses that need them. I will fight for policies that reward investment and job creation in the district, not outsourcing. And I will oppose any trade agreements that are not beneficial to our region or to American workers.

Protecting the jobs of the hundreds of thousands of teachers, healthcare workers, service workers, farmers, and factory workers in the district, requires investing in those industries and communities, and protecting the resources upon which they rely. The majority of working people in the United States cannot take the time they need for significant life events without risking their jobs or economic security. I support passing legislation like the FAMILY Act that would create paid leave to allow for recovery from a serious illness or care for a sick loved one or new child without imposing a financial burden. I also want to ensure that local small businesses are no longer crippled by regulations while massive corporations play by their own set of rules. I will be an ally to small businesses, workers, and labor unions, not big corporations and special interests. And I will fight to increase the minimum wage.

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